The success of this research project is thanks to the assistance of several different people and organizations. It could not have been completed without these contributions.

Thank you to the various student colleagues, faculty, and staff, both at Hope College and within the Andrew W. Mellon Scholars Program, who supported this project with their time, energy, guidance, and advice. Special thanks are owed to the following for their consistent and caring mentorship:

  • Dr. Anne Heath, Director of the Andrew W. Mellon Scholars Program in the Arts and Humanities
  • Dr. Curtis Gruenler, Professor of the Mellon Scholars Seminar
  • Laura McGrath, Digital Liberal Arts Fellow
  • Taylor Mills, Teacher’s Assistant for the Mellon Scholars Seminar

Additionally, many thanks go to the Andrew W. Mellon Scholars Program at Hope College for providing the funding and technological resources necessary for the completion of this Digital Liberal Arts project.

Thank you as well to the New York Society Library and its City Readers online archive for supplying the library ledgers used as primary source content for this research.


For access to the sources used in this project, click here to download a full bibliography.

Fascinated by our original data sources at the New York Society Library? Learn more by visiting:


Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach us at, give us a call at (505)-695-0428, or leave a comment below.

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